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Alongside the Global Shaper values, our Hub's core values lie at the heart of our mission. These values are expected to be upheld by Edinburgh Hub members when carrying out Global Shapers activities.

  • We are collaborative. We create common goals and communicate effectively to achieve them as a team.
  • We are curious. We innovate, investigate and are hungry to learn. We think outside the box, creating innovative solutions to key problems.
  • We are committed. We consistently use our individual skills to further our collective vision.  We focus on the goal, using our individual skills to work towards achieving our collective vision.
  • We generate impact. We take practical actions towards solving society‚Äôs most pressing problems, ensuring that we make a meaningful difference in our community and beyond.
  • We have integrity. We stay true to our personal values whilst we engage with the wider Hub, our city and Global Shaper communities. We are honest; unwaveringly adhering to the highest moral principles.

Current Members

Jimmy Paul - Curator


Co-Chair, Independent Care Review

Leonard Niesel


Investment Analyst


Hadi Khan


Analyst at Deloitte

Jean-Claude Cournand


Postgraduate Student/ Director: 2 Cents Movement


Peter MacPhail - Vice Curator

Managing Director, Aspen Partnerships

Bronah Finnegan

Public Affairs and Communications Manager

Ulrike Radunz


Nicholas Guy


Co-Founder: No Logo Media

Connor Hounslow


Research Assistant at Edinburgh Law School and Student at City, University of London

Jasmin Burgermeister



Rula Awad


Startup Founder

Join us!


We are always looking for new people to join the Edinburgh Hub. If you are committed to making a positive long-term impact in our city, we would like to hear from you! 


Before applying, please check you satisfy our eligibility criteria, as you must be:

  • Able to demonstrate an affinity with our values
  • Between 20 and 29 years old
  • Based in Scotland (preferably in Edinburgh)
  • Able to attend monthly meetings

If you apply (using the 'Apply' tab), you consent to us storing the data you submit. We will only store your data for interview purposes.


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