As a Hub, we are passionate about being active in our community and collaborating with others to make a positive impact.


To that end, we have developed and delivered a range of projects, across multi-disciplines, to achieve our aims.


To read more about our projects, past, present and future, please see below.

Wildhearts | March 2018


We partnered with the WildHearts foundation to co-host an event in March 2018


  • WildHearts Group is a portfolio of companies that, through their activities and profits, create global social change.
  • As part of their work, they run Micro-tyco classes where they give groups of school children £1 each and ask them to make as much money as they can from it. The profits are used to fund microfinance projects.
  • We co-hosted an event for a large group of school children from different schools in Edinburgh to share advice around further education and the world of work. This included panel discussions, workshops and a photographer taking photos for LinkedIn profiles. We also provided example CVs for the students.

City Challenge | December 2018


We are focused on developing solutions to help Edinburgh become a city of ‘active bystanders’; individuals who effectively respond to emergency situations.

We want to reshape how residents of Edinburgh respond to cardiac arrests and hopefully reduce the number of deaths from this condition each year. To do this, we will collaborate with a range of diverse stakeholders (city planners, sociologists and government) and seek to engage and connect them with a view to generating new and pioneering ideas to tackle this problem.

The onset of the fourth industrial revolution presents opportunities for innovative solutions. Our multidisciplinary group will look to explore how technology can play a role in increasing citizen engagement, as well as helping first responders to be more effective.

Mentoring Programme | November 2018

We are currently developing a mentoring programme that will place university students with mentors based on their individual needs. 

This project focuses on developing our young people; those from Edinburgh and beyond and showcasing the talent of professionals within our city.

Speaker Series | 2019

To highlight the vast amount of expertise within Edinburgh, we are hosting a speaker series where we will invite thought leaders in particular areas to speak at events aimed at young professionals. 

The idea is to provide a platform for mutual knowledge exchange and professional development. The first event will be announced soon.

Human Rights Defenders | March 2019


We felt it was important to acknowledge the 70 year anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to mark this, we will become a group of ‘Human Rights Defenders’. That means that the Edinburgh Hub will act to make sure people can understand their rights, have their voices heard and their needs met.


There are Human Rights Defenders across the world who seek the promotion and protection of civil and political rights as well as the promotion, protection and realisation of economic, social and cultural rights. In this project, the Hub will partner with communities and organisations who need extra support to access their human rights.


The goal of the project is to ensure that everyone has access to their human rights.


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